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Jolly Classroom: Digital Phonics Teaching Platform

Incorporating innovation with interaction and engagement in early literacy education is the key to developing reading skills in young learners. But as an early-year educator, do you find it challenging to make your students stick to learning the Phonics game for longer periods of time, including the same sounds over and over again and with less boredom? If you say yes to this, we would like to introduce you to Jolly Classroom, a web-based Phonics teaching program. With its well-structured curriculum, user-friendly interface, and playful teaching activities, Jolly Classroom is a key aid that supports educators in enhancing the literacy skill in Phonics with improved writing and reading skills.

One of the most crucial aspects of learning basic writing and reading skills is phonics. Moreover, Jolly Phonics is a very efficient and non-traditional approach that is based on scientific research, that includes melodies, motions, and multi-sensory exercises, and is fun for children of all ages enhancing their learning experience. Jolly Phonics employs following: 

  1. Letter sounds
  2. Letter formation 
  3. Blending and Segmenting
  4. Pronouncing Tricky Words
Jolly Classroom

Jolly Phonics is an unconventional approach which is widely accepted and used across the globe to help develop reading and writing skills in young learners. 

Jolly Classroom

Jolly Classroom is a web-based phonics teaching platform. The key features of the respective platform are its well-structured curriculum, user-friendly interface, and playful teaching activities. One of its most outstanding features is that the students have the liberty to select the activities of their choice, where each activity is designed to improve students’ phonics understanding. Some of the most effective and efficient learning activities are listed hereafter:

  1. Games
  2. Role-Playing
  3. Rhythms and singing songs

Conversely, another distinguishing feature of the Jolly Classroom is that it provides equal opportunity to select between American and British English. The Jolly Classroom combines a clearly defined curriculum, material, subject and activities in a way that enables the learner to have an active involvement and to improve their level of reading and writing proficiency.

Moreover, one of the distinctive characteristics that brings Jolly Classroom to the spotlight is its friendly user interface. The respective application is open to all educators and learners. Whether you are an expert educator or a teacher just starting phonics instruction, it has everything you need, from tools to materials. Herein, the platform provides an audiovisual guide that offers the following support:

• 150+ activities

• Audio support

• Planning Instructions

• Printable worksheets for students

• Teaching notes

This platform encompasses, 150+ activities to select, inclusive of:

  1. Play based learning approach
  2. Song and melodies to enhance interest in learning
  3. Several worksheets to reinforce practice and learning for the students.
Jolly Classroom

Adding to its user-friendly feature, Jolly Classroom has an extensive list of attributes, listed below:

  1. Educators can create multiple class profiles.
  2. Individualized learning plans for students depending on their intellectual level.
  3. Educators have the ability to evaluate each student’s progress effectively and efficiently.

By summing up, Jolly Classroom proves to be a new and all-round approach to phonics for learning as well as educating. It utilizes Jolly Phonics which is a renowned technique that teachers can use in their teaching to deliver phonics instructions in the most exciting way to their students. It has reinvented phonics teaching on a global scale. If you are not a fan of traditional phonics, then Jolly Classroom can offer you another way of teaching children the first steps in reading. Get yourself started immediately and you will see how the Jolly Phonics spills its magic to your classroom, aiding your children to become professional readers and writers.

So, if you are still confused about how this platform works, join our free webinar on Jolly Classroom from the Tech-Forward Classroom event on 25th May 2024.

Join us for an in-depth exploration of this fun app with our experts, Ms Hanan Nassar and Ms Yvonne Dalarto, and ignite your students’ learning potential. 

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