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4 Skills Teachers Aides Should Have in 2024

Teachers Aides

Teachers Aides or teaching assistants , play a vital role in supporting the main teacher in their classrooms. As we already know that this is a highly demanding role, there are certain things teaching assistants should know so that they can lend a successful hand in the classrooms. Today, in this article, we are going to share some techniques … Read more

Jolly Classroom: Digital Phonics Teaching Platform

Jolly Classroom

Incorporating innovation with interaction and engagement in early literacy education is the key to developing reading skills in young learners. But as an early-year educator, do you find it challenging to make your students stick to learning the Phonics game for longer periods of time, including the same sounds over and over again and with … Read more

How to focus on study: Productive Mindfulness

how to focus on study

The academic environment has considerably transformed with the advent of a digitally growing high-tech world. On one hand, it has made reaching every learning domain easy with good outcomes, on the other, the sword of distraction has given rise to reduced focus and concentration levels during study. Here in this chaos, however, students are in … Read more

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