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Afia Asif

Founder and CEO Edutech Consultancy

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    Only strong study habits can change the boredom and burden of study time into an exciting and lifelong learning venture.

    Our interactive 60 minute session will help secondary students achieve the skills to manage study routine efficiently. From planning their daily study time to calming nerves to conquer tasks effortlessly, everything made easy.

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    Afia Asif

    Hello! I’m Afia Asif, an experienced educator and the founder of Edutech Consultancy in Doha, Qatar. I was born and raised in Dubai where I had completed my Bachelor’s in Finance and in 2008, I moved to Dublin.

    While I was there, I decided to pursue my education and achieve my Montessori Diploma. The experience of working in this field led me to complete my MA in Digital Technologies, Communication and Education alongside with a diploma in TEFL.

    Throughout my academic journey, I discovered the significance of my learnings in today’s educational landscape. Understanding the importance of social skills and technological development has become vital with today’s modern world. My experience in Doha has been various, I have worked with children of all ages and catered to customized needs.

    Having understood the need of the local market, I decided to take up a new challenge and started Edutech Consultancy. We help organizations and schools leverage technology and other recent advancements to help their workforce grow professionally. Through Edutech Consultancy we empower companies with a comprehensive range of services.

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