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Reading Intervention Program: Maximizing Reading Potential with Reading Horizons

In the academic realm, teaching reading skills to the young generation is of utmost significance. Today’s blog aims to introduce Reading Horizons as an exclusive reading intervention program. This resource can revolutionize the conventional method of learning and, to a greater extent, teach the skill of reading to educators.

Herein, Reading Horizons provides a comprehensive, simple, and scientific approach to learning and, subsequently, teaching methodology to develop reading skills in the students. On a similar notion, Reading Horizons implies the Orton-Gillingham-based multisensory approach that is precisely beneficial for both educators and students and, most importantly, enhances their academics as well as ensures academic success.

The respective blog encompasses the full scope of Reading Horizons and its effort to create dynamic and inclusive learning environments through reading intervention program.

Reading Horizons is an online reading learning platform that chiefly relies on a systemic and structured approach to developing reading skills. Their respective curriculum encompasses a step-by-step process where the learning approach starts with fundamentals and gradually progresses to complex concepts. Moreover, the expert tutors ensure that all the students have a firm understanding of the lesson before they introduce them to the next concept, which helps boost students’ confidence and significantly assists in the learning experience.

reading intervention program

In addition to this, the method is based on five code-reading phonetic skills and two decoding phonetic skills, which are pillars of spelling, pronunciation, and ultimately reading abilities, inclusive of:




-Phonemic Awareness

-High-Frequency Words

In addition to this, one of the most essential critical features employed by Reading Horizon is the marking system. This unique marking system also assists learners in recognizing patterns by pointing at them, thus helping them decode and encode words faster in English.

Some of the features of Reading Horizon are listed henceforth:

  • Daily Design: “I Do, We Do, You Do”
  • Comprehensive Literacy Instruction
  • Essential Materials
reading intervention program

Previously, it has been noticed that in the early education system, the program tends to bombard the teachers with too many resources and difficult instructional choices. Herein, Reading Horizons presents a solution to this problem by eliminating the complicated material and provides guidelines that chiefly assist with developing their lesson plans.

Reading Horizon provides access to digital teacher tools. This tool allows the teacher to access the lesson plans, instructional materials, and other resources, which has proven to be extremely useful in monitoring the learner’s progress and enhancing the overall student learning experience.

Reading Horizons aims to introduce Multisensory Activities. These activities have been proven very effective in improving students’ reading skills. For instance, use objects that allow children to handle them for touch, use visual material for sight, and use material that involves listening and speaking.

It is noteworthy that Reading Horizons provides specialized tools and resources for educators to monitor the progress of each student, which in turn allows the tutors to identify the students who require additional assistance to be given in their lessons to ensure that appropriate education achievement is attained. Usually, reading intervention programs don’t have this ease of personalized learning. Still, Reading Horizons provides specific programs to cater to students of various ages and learning abilities and ensures the academic success of the learner.

Reading Horizon’s teaching frame relies upon the process of “You Do,” which allows all students to work on and practice their reading skills independently.

This provides them a chance to use it in real-life situations, for example, to read aloud, to write, or to do worksheets.

As mentioned earlier, the Reading Horizons platform tends to use digital tools and resources. The software also gives important information on the student’s progress so that you can address them appropriately during the teaching process. Furthermore, some of the tools can be utilized during the class lectures to increase student engagement and improve the reading skills of the learners.

In conclusion, “Reading Horizons” can be employed to achieve optimal reading outcomes. The respective platform, as compared to other reading intervention programs, comprises direct and systematic instruction, reading intervention, student evaluations, and advanced technology integration, which can serve essentially in improving the reading skills of educators as well as students. Reading Horizon aims to establish the next generation of strong readers. Reading Horizon platform presents details of its academic research, methods, and success stories of many of its students.

Let us join hands with Reading Horizons with the assistance of Edutech Consultancy to acquire the vision of creating the next generation of potential readers and establish a world where every child has an equal opportunity to read and write.

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