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    About Jolly Phonics:

    Jolly Phonics is an internationally recognized and proven phonics teaching program to teach young learners the fundamentals of reading and writing. It uses a synthetic and multi-sensory approach to teaching children the 42 sounds of the English language. It’s an engaging and effective fun-based activity that efficiently accelerates language learning in children.

    Who can attend?

    All attendees will receive a certificate of completion!

    Seats are limited!

    Edutech Consultancy’s track record with Jolly Phonics success!

    We have a proven track record of having successfully conducted Jolly Phonics workshops in the past. In addition to workshops, we are the sole distributor for Jolly Classroom-web based Phonics app in Qatar.

    Meet the Trainer:

    Led by the highly experienced Ms. Hanan Nassar, a certified Jolly Phonics trainer, offering a comprehensive approach to phonics instruction.

    Hanan Nassar is an experienced language teacher with a BA in Special Education, an MBA in Education, and a Master of Arts in Secondary Education from Acacia University with honors. With 25 years of teaching experience internationally, Hanan has trained around 1,000 teachers in more than 50 schools as a certified Jolly Trainer. As a passionate Jolly trainer, she shares her expertise and knowledge with schools facing issues or unique scenarios.

    Seats are limited!