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Teachers’ tools in ECE: Leadership Essentials courses by Global Childhood Academy

Today, the respective blog will present the Leadership Essentials courses by GCA. Edutech Consultancy in collaboration with GCA gives this opportunity to explore the different topics offered in the category to help early childhood educators act as thriving leaders.

Global Childhood Academy, through its Teachers’ tools Leadership Essentials courses, provides a wide array of courses that can help contribute to the continued professional growth of individuals who aspire to become amazing leaders in their roles.

Some of the key courses include:

This course explains the two types of stress: positive stress, or eustress, and negative stress, or distress. Participants will learn how to harness positive stress to accomplish more while avoiding the harmful influence of negative stress. These practical strategies to manage stress effectively will serve as essential teachers tools in enhancing their well-being and productivity in the classroom.

Teachers' tools

This brief course provides an overview of the Jawda Quality Improvement Program – a groundbreaking system which aims to help childcare centers in the quest for improvement and providing children with safe, stimulating, and nurturing environments where they can learn.

The course overviews the Jawda Quality Improvement Plan (QIP), a strategic roadmap to enhance quality in early learning centers.

In this module, issues of team dynamics and leadership are explored. Topics like planning to achieve team results, being a participatory team member, being a liaison officer between a team and upper management, and solving team conflicts are dealt with.

This brief overview session is designed to give childcare center personnel a general outline of the Jawda-Quality Improvement Program, which aims to improve the quality of childcare and education in the centers.

When people start to think outside the box, it is time to introduce Six Thinking Hats to guide the discussion. Six Thinking Hats is a procedure for looking at all relevant aspects of a problem without controversy or ambiguity. This brainstorming technique, which is based on the assignment of specific roles, can be very helpful in freeing the participants from their patterns of thought and enabling them to set a constructive course ahead.

This is done through negotiating (or striving for a win-win), where every party involved is expected to benefit from the whole process. On one hand this course focuses on the true art of bargaining and secondly it highlights bargaining abilities as crucial in private and business environments.

This is a short but very informative digital training module that explains the basics of negotiation and gives definite directions for making correct presentations to clients.

It is most beneficial when it is scheduled to involve the right people according to the agenda of the meeting; it shares ideas with the attendees and produces defined outcomes in the form of decisions, plans, or concepts.

A win-win negotiation typically refers to a systematic process of analyzing or evaluating both parties’ positions as they try to find a compromise that would enable both parties, the bargainer and the opponent, to get as much as they want.

Teachers' tools

To sum up, GCA offers teachings that serve a higher purpose in Early Childhood Care. The Leadership Essentials courses will serve as great teachers’ tools in early childhood education and help become astounding leaders.

Although the prime goal of these courses is to build a world where every child has access and opportunity to acquire quality education to reach academic success and potential, let’s all join hands to extend the reach of childcare and high-quality education.

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