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Edutech Consultancy was established with the aim to provide consultancy & training services to organisations who support the growth of their employees. Our training provides interpersonal development skills as well as language development skills for organisations or individuals that believe that there is always space for improvement.

We pride ourselves on ensuring that we keep up to date with the best international practice in education and learning. We believe that individuals play a great role in organisations and can develop their skills further through strategic guidance. Edutech Consultancy in Qatar provides customised solutions as we know one size doesn’t fit all and work towards achieving your needs and satisfaction. We are thrilled to be a part of your journey and see you prosper in new avenues. We are here to support the Qatar 2030 vision - to make the impossible; possible for you!


Our Mission

Edutech Consultancy is here to provide you with a teaching where you will learn and an experience that you will remember.


Our Vision

To go beyond what you can see – to make the impossible; possible!

At Edutech Consultancy we work closely with our clients to understand their needs and provide customised solutions. We carry out research, analyse data, and evaluate existing technologies to recommend the best solution for you. We play a crucial role in helping individuals or organisations to improve learning outcomes and achieve their goals.

Continuing Professional Development
Workforce Development Training
Writing and
Digital Content Management

Edutech Consultancy in Qatar provides support in learning a new language or enhancing a language skill that you already know. Learning a new language is a great way for self development as it also allows you to explore different job avenues in various countries. Edutech Consultancy in Qatar works with the finest language schools around the world and helps you diversify in a new skill and achieve your goals of speaking a language you love. Language is communication!

Engish Language

Edutech Consultancy in Qatar provides support in learning a new language or enhancing a language skill that you already know. We understand how important language training is for individuals and companies, as it can provide numerous benefits and help facilitate communication and collaboration in an increasingly interconnected world.Our English Language Training focuses on the three main areas:
• General English training
• Workplace Business English training
• IELTS preparation

Arabic Language

Enriched with history and culture, Arabic is one of the most spoken languages in the world, and a major language of communication in Qatar. Edutech Consultancy provides learners with the opportunity of learning Modern Spoken Arabic through our Arabic language training. Through this training you will develop non-verbal and verbal Arabic communication skills, making the intercultural communication process easy for you and providing professional growth.

Our Continuing Professional Development training refers to the ongoing process of learning and development that individuals undertake to enhance their knowledge in their professional field. The aim of CPD training is to maintain and improve professional competence as well as to stay up to date with the latest developments and trends in ones field. We use practical and theoretical teaching methods using the latest professional development strategies to provide you with an interactive and engaging experience. Our Continuing Professional Development trainings are best suited for fields going through constant advancements such as education, technology, finance, and healthcare.

"Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other."- JohnF. Kennedy

Workforce Development training is different from our CPD trainings as they are not task specific. They are beneficial in any workplace and designed to help individuals enhance their personal and social skills. Workforce Development prepares individuals to be more constructive and successful in their workplace resulting in the overall growth of the organisation. Our WDT program integrates both traditional and emerging training methods and are conducted face to face. Through our comprehensive training you will learn about effective communication, stronger leadership, problem solving techniques and better teamwork and productivity.

Montessori Consultation services typically involve providing guidance and support to individuals or organisations that are interested in implementing the Montessori Framework in their classrooms or schools. Montessori children are encouraged to use their hands and senses to explore and learn. This method of learning is also beneficial for children with specials needs; giving them the space to reach their full potential. Our consultation services are offered by members of our team who have an extensive experience in working in a Montessori setting. Our Montessori Consultation focuses around the five key areas:

We also provide Montessori materials in Doha that support you in completing your Montessori process. Our Montessori materials are sourced locally through Doha Montessori Shop. You can found their online shop by scanning Barcode.
Whether you are looking to establish a new Montessori school or enhance your classrooms or even just to know more, book your free consultation now!

Let the Montessori magic begin!

At Edutech Consultancy, we provide ethical writing and research services that support organisations in building their business. Our professional services can range from providing comprehensive book writing and proofreading to conducting organisational surveys and academic support.

At Edutech Consultancy, our team of DCM focuses on managing the digital side of your business, allowing you to have more time and space to work on things that you excel in. Our services focus on business profile creation, social media content creation and management, and blog writing service using the SEO friendly writing techniques and keyword research. We also support you in graphic designing, digital video creation and managing social media content.

Business Profile

Once a business is setup, an essential need of any business is to have a business profile. At Edutech Consultancy, we create business profile brochure that states the purpose of your business and what it offers. We will help you build up content based on your company’s products and services and provide you with a design layout based on your company’s logo and colour.

Social Media Content

Social media content creation services are services that help businesses and individuals create engaging and effective content for their social media accounts. These services can include creating social media posts, designing graphics and images, developing videos and animations, writing copy, and managing social media accounts.

Blog Writing

Blog writing services typically include creating and publishing blog content for businesses, organisations, or individuals. We first carry out a blog writing calender where we work with you to develop a content strategy that aligns with your goals and objectives. We then do a topic research that helps create the correct blog using the appropriate content.

Academic Recruitment

Through our Academic recruitment service, our aim is to help institutions hire the best-fit individual within the academic industry while also providing support to both the institution and the candidates throughout the recruitment process.

● Job Postings
● Candidate Sourcing
● Screening and Selection
● Interview Coordination
● Reference Checks
● Contract Negotiation

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