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Language Training

Edutech Consultancy in Qatar provides support in learning a new language or enhancing a language skill that you already know. We understand how important language training is for individuals and companies, as it can provide numerous benefits and help facilitate communication and collaboration in an increasingly interconnected world.Our English Language Training focuses on the three main areas:
• General English training
• Workplace Business English training
• IELTS preparation

Workforce Training Development

Workforce Development training is different from our CPD trainings as they are not task specific. They are beneficial in any workplace and designed to help individuals enhance their personal and social skills.
Our Workforce Development Training focuses on:
• Research Skills
• Critical Thinking Skills
• Business Writing
• Organisational Skills
• Strong Communication Skills

Continuing Professional Development

Our Continuing Professional Development training refers to the ongoing process of learning and development that individuals undertake to enhance their knowledge in their professional field. The aim of CPD training is to maintain and improve professional competence as well as to stay up to date with the latest developments and trends in one's field.
Benefits of CPD trainings:
• Improved work performance
• Keeps you updated with the changing trends
• Rebuilds interest and keeps you
motivated in your field
• Provides you with a competitive edge
• Flexible with your work schedule

IELTS Training

Edutech Consultancy provides academic support to learners who are preparing themselves for the IELTS test. We provide a comprehensive overview of the IELTS test, including the format, types of questions, and scoring system. Through this service, we aim to support our learners in:
• English Language instruction that focuses on the four Modules of IELTS exam, such as listening, speaking, reading, and writing.
• Practice tests that stimulate the actual IELTS exam
• Guidance on test-taking strategies, and how to approach different types of questions.
• Progress evaluation and feedback on targeted recommendations for improvement.
• A comprehensive IELTS preparation that help individuals achieve their desired score and improve their English language proficiency.

Montessori Consultation

Montessori Consultation services typically involve providing guidance and support to individuals or organisations that are interested in implementing the Montessori Framework in their classrooms or schools. Montessori children are encouraged to use their hands and senses to explore and learn. This method of learning is also beneficial for children with specials needs; giving them the space to reach their full potential. Our Montessori Consultation focuses around the five key areas:
Practical Life, Sensorial, Mathematics, Language and Cultural Studies.

Digital Content Management

At Edutech Consultancy, our team of DCM focuses on managing the digital side of your business, allowing you to have more time and space to work on things that you excel in. Our services focus on business profile creation, social media content creation and management, and blog writing service using the SEO friendly writing techniques and keyword research.
• Business Profile Creation
• Social Media Content Creation
• Blog Writing

Academic Recruitment

Through our Academic recruitment service, our aim is to help institutions hire the best-fit individual within the academic industry while also providing support to both the institution and the candidates throughout the recruitment process.
• Job Postings
• Candidate Sourcing
• Screening and Selection
• Interview Coordination
• Reference Checks
• Contract Negotiation

Writing and Research

At Edutech Consultancy, we provide ethical writing and research services that support organisations in building their business. Our professional services can range from providing comprehensive book writing and proofreading to conducting organisational surveys and academic support.
What we do:
• Book Writing
• Article Writing
• Academic Support
• Organisational Surveys
• proofreading

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