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Professional development for teachers

Teaching, with all its elements, is a very noble profession. In the continuously changing landscape of professional development for teachers, learning strategies that promote excellent reading and writing skills in teaching become a guiding light. Eventually that leads towards professional growth.

Discover how career advancement becomes definite by obtaining these skills. Moreover, get a deep understanding into how and where you can get a chance to learn about such strong foundations of learning. This includes unique reading and writing skills for enhanced career growth.

In this article, we will explore the primary objectives and highlights of the upcoming workshop organized by Edutech Consultancy on February 17th, aiming to enhance these dynamic skills further. 

  • Improve teachers’ skills and abilities in light of the recent teaching advancements.
  • To enable teachers to apply modern strategies to make curricula easy and effective for students.
  • Enable schools as a whole to promote confidence in the students by augmenting teacher’s skills.
  • Provide teachers with the necessary information and activities to improve their academic and professional capabilities.
Professional development for teachers

Teaching skillful reading and writing forms the basis of fruitful educational outcomes for students. Remarkable skills in this area not only help the teacher earn benefits in the form of students’ academic success but also helps to build a generation that is highly confident language experts.

Edutech Consultancy is always searching for ways to bring such workshops to promote professional development for teachers to help them become the best of themselves, preparing them for their professional success.

The workshop Effective Reading and Writing Strategies, a toolkit for Educators, scheduled for February 17th, aims to equip teachers with strategies that not only help them understand the basics of reading and writing but also give them all the information about useful and practical techniques for application in the classroom. This can further help the student become expert readers and writers.

Our expert language instructor will help you gain a broad insight into reading, addressing its various components. So that the teachers will gain an understanding of the fluency, vocabulary and comprehension skills development important for practical teaching instructions. This ultimately helps to lay the ground for delivering effective reading instructions.

To identify students’ weaknesses in reading, this workshop will help teachers learn skills for assessing fluency and accuracy in their students. Teachers will use practical methods to find areas of improvement in students. That can then help design their instructions to meet students’ specific needs. This assessment-based method ensures improvement in students’ skills, increasing their overall reading and writing skills.

As a general rule, one size doesn’t fit all. The workshop will help the teachers explore various reading strategies, from the basics of phonics to comprehension building techniques. They will discover a range of ways that serve to apply different learning styles. That allows teachers to make their reading and writing instructions more engaging and effective for all the students.

Shifting from reading to writing is a difficult task for many students. This workshop will help teachers use strategies that help students develop the right writing skills, from thinking to structuring a sentence and writing essays. Teachers will achieve practical help in creating such strong writing abilities in their students.

Furthermore, they will also learn to include equations and jigsaws into their writing instructions, adding a touch of interactive yet fun ways of learning to the classroom environment. Teachers will learn how to add these tools effectively, making their students’ learning and academic success definite.

Learning and improving the fundamental concepts and strategies to convey reading and writing skills in children not only serves as a way towards Professional development for teachers but can also help them improve their ability to communicate effectively. This simultaneously helps to open up ways for excellent career opportunities.

So without waiting, start your learning journey today to grow professionally with outstanding skills in reading and writing; get enrolled in our workshop coming up on February 17th through this link:

This workshop will help teachers learn skills to become an important part of a flourishing educational system and enhance their literacy skills, ultimately enabling them to build a generation confident in reading and writing with proficiency and talent. 

  1. Is this workshop suitable for both senior and new teachers?

Yes, the workshop is designed to help both new and experienced teachers to learn and enhance their existing teaching skills in reading and writing.

  1. Will the workshop address the issues of students’ disengagement challenges in the classroom?

Absolutely, the workshop will help you learn fun and engaging strategies to make the learning journey of your students enjoyable.

  1. Will we get a certificate of completion for the workshop?

Yes participants will receive certificate of attendance which they can showcase in their resume as evidence of ongoing professional learning.

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